Friday, November 9, 2018

USA Cycling RaceClean Program Applies to Amateurs

In the recent Dose of Fat podcast show I tell my story of what happened when USADA informed me of an Adverse Analytic Finding from a urine sample collected at my last race of the of the season this year.  Here is the Link to the Interview:
I  hope this story enlightens you to what's at stake and motivates you to read and follow the rules. 
USA Cycling Race Clean Program Applies to Everyone with a USA Cycling License.  This includes; national, international, non-national, recreational, elite, and amateur cyclists.

The USA Cycling Race Clean Program is not predominately located on the home page of  You have scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the “Rules & Policies” located in the right hand corner.   Then scroll down to Additional Rules and click on the “Policy II Medical Control” tab.  Scroll to the bottom once again and that is where you will find the “USA Cycling Race Clean Program” tab.   Once there, you will find all the information you need to educate yourself in making sure you are not in violation of the Anti-Doping Rules. 

Educate Yourself

From national to international; recreational to elite, WADA & USADA  have tools and tips to help athletes at all levels navigate their anti-doping rights and responsibilities.

Read up on the sanctions given to athletes first, this will give you a better sense of the severity of an Adverse Analytical finding from a drug test.  You will be facing a 2 – 4 year sanction and unable to race in any USA Cycling or UCI Sanctioned events.  This should provide you with the motivation to read up on all of the rules.

USA Cycling Race Clean Program:                   

USA Cycling Medical Policies:                          

World Anti-Doping Association:    

Link to Download the World Anti-Doping Code:

United States Anti-Doping Association:

Know every prohibited substance:                    

Check ALL of your medications at: 

Check ALL of your supplements at:                  

Apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption:          

Sanctioned Athletes                                          

Frequently Asked Questions:                            

The RaceClean Program funds anti-doping tests at both the elite and amateur levels of cycling. The program utilizes the testing resources of USADA, which employs sophisticated methods to test professional and amateur athletes across a wide range of sports. The program also utilizes USADA for adjudicating cases and implementing penalties. Testing works, and penalties can be significant – even for amateurs. A first-time offender can be suspended from the sport for up to four years, and a second offense can lead to a lifetime suspension.

Below is the part of the letter from USADA explaining the reason why they gave me a 
NO Anti-Doping Violation. 
I was able to provide the necessary documentation.  But please don't risk it with your prescription medication.  Check your prescriptions and if any of them are on the prohibited list, apply for a TUE. 

This was a letter I never received after I was tested early July 2017.  Never came in the mail or my email inbox.  I asked for my results after the positive letter in October of this year and this is the letter they apparently had sent me.  I believe if I had seen this last year, I would have taken the prohibited list more seriously. 

Please feel free to ask questions, I am open for discussion.